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Hair and There: Inspiration from India

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Explore the world and learn secrets for beautiful hair! This week, Madison Reed visits India to bring you hair care secrets, fashion-forward trends, and fascinating facts.

With breathtaking landscapes, deliciously spicy food, and centuries-deep traditions, India is one of the most colorful countries on the planet. Brimming with stunning architecture, bustling markets, and rich culture, India is keen on keeping its customs alive–including in the western world.

Hair and There: Inspiration from India

Hair Care Tip: Almond Oil
Indian women take their hair seriously, and sport thick, luscious locks all year long. They perform weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) scalp massages with almond oil to stimulate blood flow and help their hair grow thicker and faster. They also keep their hair free of chemicals and heat to make sure that the hair doesn’t suffer from too much breakage.

Hair Trend: Sideswept & Stunning
A common hair style in India is straight, long, and swept to the side. This is flattering on the face and shows off the shine. Since most Indian women have black or brown hair, it’s easy for them to sport this look with a naturally gorgeous finish. Thinking of adding more shine to your hair? Try the almond oil tip!

Fun Facts

  • India is the world’s largest democracy with 1.2 billion people.
  • 70% of all the world’s spices come from India.
  • Chess was invented in India.
  • Shampoo was invented in India (yup)! Instead of using the liquid shampoos we use today, natural herbs were used to cleanse the hair. The word “shampoo” was derived from Sanskrit champu and it means to massage.

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