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Hair and There: Inspiration from Finland

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Explore the world and learn secrets for beautiful hair! This week, Madison Reed visits Finland to bring you hair care secrets, fashion-forward trends, and fascinating facts.

This Nordic country is home to unique natural phenomena (like the aurora borealis and the midnight sun), crystal clear lakes, and natural landscapes. With so much inspiration from nature, Finns have a natural approach to their beauty routines as well.

Inspiration from Finland

Beauty Tip: Sauna
Beauty doesn’t always come from what we put on our bodies. How we take care of our bodies makes a big impact. The Finns use the sauna to purify the body and mind. Saunas work wonders to detoxify the body, boost metabolism, strengthen the immune system, and clarify the skin. They can also improve circulation and collagen production, helping skin look younger and healthier. With saunas we can sweat the small stuff… out of our systems!

Hair Trend: Above the Shoulders
It’s been ingrained in Finnish culture that women live with and promote equality in their relationships. This thought process has been passed down to everything from their fashion sense to their hairstyles. Finnish women typically wear their hair short (above the shoulders) without layers. This cut adds dimension and weight, which is great for Finnish hair that typically has a very fine texture.

Finnish hair trendImage source: Buzzfeed

Fun Facts

  • All expectant mothers are sent a baby box: a starter package with an outfit, bottle, and other goodies for the mother.
  • There are over 2 million saunas in Finland. With a population of 5.3 million, this equates to one sauna per household… even the Parliament has its own sauna!
  • Most people speak English in Finland, so you don’t have to worry about a language barrier when you visit.

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