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Hair and There: Inspiration from Brazil

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Explore the world and learn secrets for beautiful hair! This week, Madison Reed visits Brazil to bring you hair care secrets, fashion-forward trends, and fascinating facts.

Rainforests, gorgeous coastlines and a colorful, mixed culture–these are just a few things Brazil is known for. With its beautiful views and equally beautiful people, this country is filled with places to explore. But some of the most exciting things are not just the natural wonders:

Hair Care Tip: Velaterapia
Hair care in Brazil is no joke. As the creators of Brazilian Keratin treatments, “embroidery” therapy, and now velaterapia, it’s no surprise that Brazil is the forefront of hair care. Velaterapia is a hair treatment which uses an open flame from a candle. This solution cauterizes the hair–claiming to open hair follicles, remove split ends and leave behind nutrients as the follicles close. Even Gisele Bundchen swears by this treatment.

Hairstyle Trend: Smooth & Silky
Brazilian women pride themselves for gorgeously silky and smooth hair (think of those keratin treatments). Since their hair is coveted around the world, they keep up their reputations by cutting their in long layers for movement, and adding a gloss treatment to leave it shiny and soft.


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Fun Facts

  • Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world.
  • Brazilian prisoners can reduce their sentence by 4 days for every book they read and write a report on.
  • It’s the first country in the world to ban tanning beds.
  • Rio’s Carnival attracts around 2 million revellers each day.
  • Brazil is a country with a diverse ethnic makeup. It’s 54% European, 39% mixed European-African, 6% Africa, and 1% unspecified.

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