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Hair and There: Aruba

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Explore the world and learn secrets for beautiful hair! This week, Madison Reed visits Aruba to bring you hair care secrets, fashion-forward trends, and fascinating facts.

This stunning island country in the Caribbean sea is filled with white sand beaches, cooling winds, and bright blue water. It’s an ultimate destination that’s perfect for either a romantic getaway or a family vacation. Aruba is great for divers, surfers, beach-lovers, and anyone who just wants to relax from a long year of work.

Beauty Tip: Aloe gel

The rays in Aruba are much stronger than the other islands in the Caribbean, so Aloe gel has long been used to soothe sunburns, moisturize and soothe the skin. But it has other purposes too, and multiple benefits for hair. It adds strength and luster to hair, seals in moisture, and it has anti-fungal properties that help heal dandruff. If you have curly or coily hair, Aloe also makes a great leave-in conditioner that helps fight frizz. Just mix one part Aloe gel, one part water, and a drop or two of your favorite essential oil. Mix it well, and put in a spray bottle. Spray lightly on damp hair when you need it.

Hairstyle: Cornrows

A common hairstyle in Aruba is the intricately braided cornrow style, with the hair flowing naturally in the back. Sometimes these braided hairstyles include colorful beads, vibrant strings, and extensions to give them a creative flair.

Fun Facts:

  • Aruba is part of the Kingdom of Netherlands and has no administrative subdivisions.
  • The temperature is 82⁰F all year round, with low humidity and a hot, dry climate.
  • The biggest industry in Aruba is tourism, followed by transhipment facilities and oil refining.
  • The official languages spoken are Papiamento & Dutch, although English and Spanish are also widely spoken and understood.

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