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5 Holiday Tips for Growing Out Your Hair

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Image by Madison Reed

It’s the holidays! A time for gathering with family and friends… and taking lots and lots of photos. Don’t worry! If you’re growing out your hair, Madison Reed has you covered.

From adding eye-catching color to flattering cuts and styling tricks, here are five smart (and smart-looking!) ways to manage your hair style in all those stages between sleek & short and long & lovely.

How to Grow Out Your Hair Gracefully


How to Grow Out Your Hair

Big and Bold Barrette
  1. Add Glowing Color: It’s important to take good care of your hair while growing out because it will set up a bright, healthy future for your long and lovely locks. Hair gloss gives you the perfect holiday solution by combining a deep conditioning treatment with semi-permanent color that adds dramatic shine and glamour!

    Imagine adding rich jewel tones to your hair before a gala event. If you’re a brunette, a rich honey or smoky brown will add depth and drama. If you’re a redhead, a deep copper or auburn will absolutely glow. For blondes, gold tones add flattering warmth. There are no permanent changes to your hair color (but lasting benefits from the conditioning), so have fun with it!
  2. Fringe Effect: Consider getting bangs while you grow your hair out. Whether it’s a chic chunky style or a soft romantic sweep, bangs can help frame your face, give great style, and even make your hair look longer from the contrast in length. Don’t want to cut a fringe? Create a festive faux bang with a side sweep and a bold barrette, one of four looks in our Holiday Party Hair Tutorial.
  3. Embrace the Shag and Add Texture: Even if you only have a few inches to work with, don’t underestimate the power of great product and using styling tools. You can use a thickening cream or pomade to create a calculated disarray. Warm a bit of texturizing cream in your hands and work it into your roots to define short curls or make a piecey masterpiece of that in-between length hair. It’s all about texture and movement! You can also use a half inch curling iron and make little, soft curls to give your short hair a pretty and glamorous vintage look.
  4. Slick it! For a classic sleek look, use a small amount of setting gel and work it through your hair with a comb. You can comb it tightly back for an elegant look or finger it through loosely for a crisp and sexy style. Dramatic eyes is a must for this! A cat eye or smokey liner will be a showstopper at your next get-together.
  5. Embellish and Adorn: Adding hair jewels and bobby pins is a fantastic way to add holiday flair. If you’re growing out bangs, clip them straight back with a gorgeous barrette or bobby pins to create whimsy and volume. A jewel encrusted headband will tame hair and draw it back from your face. Here are five quick and beautiful holiday hair accessories to get you started!

Remember, in-between hair doesn’t mean your personal style’s on hold. Enjoy yourself and have fun experimenting with the hair you have. You might surprise yourself!

Whether your hair is short, long, straight, wavy, or coily, these fun hair facts apply to just about everybody.

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