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Giving Back To Our Communities

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From Amy’s Personal Notebook:

I have come to understand something about myself that is essential to who I am – I will not ever run a company that does not have a real purpose. A mission that has meaning and makes a positive difference in the world. The world does not need another company that just focuses on making money at any expense. This is where the intersection of giving back to our community and Madison Reed matters.

Daniel Pink wrote a book called Drive and the thesis is that human beings are not solely or even predominately money driven but rather purpose driven. People want to direct their own lives, experience continuous learning, create new things and do better for the world. There are three levels of this theory:

  • Autonomy
  • Mastery
  • Purpose

I deeply believe in this theory. I have seen it happen over and over again. You can give everyone a monetary increase and within a few months, job satisfaction is no better. If your team members do not feel like they and the business have a purpose and that leadership is not committed to helping them grow and flourish, they will continue to be dissatisfied regardless of money. Human beings want and deserve to be valued.

This is where giving back is critical. If you can lead a company where your goals and motivations are in synch with how you treat your team members, customers AND community…magic happens. Here are the benefits of community service and giving back to your company:

  • Teaches everyone that it is their responsibility to help others
  • Creates a goal of making the world a better place
  • Shows you authentically care
  • Creates a lasting bond
  • Solidifies that your company has heart

Everyone can talk. That isn’t good enough. You need to act to win.

Life is better when you give.



Here’s to many brilliant days together,


CEO, Madison Reed