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Get to Know the Color Crew: Tasha Pryputniewicz

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Behind the scenes at Madison Reed, there’s a team of talented, creative people who make working here a pure joy. Meet Tasha, a hair color chameleon who loves customizing hair color routines to people’s artistic visions.

Hey gorgeous, how did you start working with beauty and hair?
It’s always been a passion. My mom loved DIY hair color. We called it the Mom Salon at home! She started coloring my hair in 4th grade and gave me highlights. From there, I’ve been every color imaginable.

My dad was an artist, so I grew up around color wheels, understanding complementary shades, and mixing our own paint colors. I love color theory and worked for a while with designers and clients.

That translated perfectly for Color Crew because I learned the importance of really listening to people’s artistic vision. Once I know where we need to get—with hair or design—I create a good plan for how to get them there.

With that background, what do you specialize in?
My specialty is really understanding what women are working with and what they want as a result. Once I know that, I can figure out a way to help them get there. And with Madison Reed, doing that in a really healthy way.

What gets you excited about Madison Reed?
Everything! Our products being different, the standards that we hold ourselves to, and the relationship that we have with our customers. There aren’t a lot of companies that are so personalized.

There are people who call and say, “I spoke to you months ago and don’t know if you remember,” and I do! We get to build these one-on-one bonds. I like to say I’m half stylist and half best friend. Women can call and talk about things in a real life way.

Can you share a favorite customer experience?
One of my favorite customers that I was corresponding with, Gina, had written an outstanding review about how she was 100% gray and our color had covered it completely. She sent amazing Before & After pictures and let us share them with the world. Her photos probably showed other women what they can achieve with Madison Reed.

The willingness of women to promote us once we make them happy is so inspiring and rewarding. They are more than willing to show results and go to extra lengths to tell people about us. We wouldn’t be who we are without ladies like that.

It sounds like we’re earning their love and trust. So, do you have any guilty pleasures for hair?
Omg, going crazy colors! I know how bad it is for my hair, but I have to do it. I made it bright red a few weeks ago and had to use Madison Reed to make it healthy again.

It’s a statement for how you’re feeling, the same as getting dressed for the day. If I want to feel a certain way, my hair will help me do so.

You mentioned how bad this can be for hair. Any advice for how to repair or protect hair if people try those looks?
If you alternate colors, use Madison Reed in between. It adds back a lot of health without having to do crazy amounts of deep conditioning.

If you get your hair bleached, do a hot oil treatment every couple months. A hair mask or really thick conditioner can help, too.

Always use styling and hair care products that protect from heat and are color-safe.

What’s the longest your hair’s ever been?
When it was bright red, my hair was really long, more than halfway down my back.

Remember the Mom Salon? My mom used to cut my hair, and I used to cry! She would cut my bangs too short—into a ½” inch fringe—and the rest of it was cut to my ears. I looked like a mushroom with weird fringe.

The night before my first date (I was 12 and going to the movies with a boy), my mom cut my hair like that, and I cried.

Aww, I’m sorry! Let’s ask a happy question. What’s the first thing you would do if you won the lotto?
Buy a house for me and my family and my friends. I want a compound where I can have all my people together.

After setting that up, I would just shop til I dropped and make sure everyone was taken care of. Full bellies, full closets, full smiles. :)

I would still work though. I really would! I go through money too fast, and I bet I could go through lotto winnings. I would have to keep working.

Haha, maybe you just answered this, but what’s an embarrassing thing that you totally don’t want your team or the world to know?
Yeah, that I’m terrible with my money. I’m a shopaholic, and I’m obsessed with beauty products I don’t need, like fake eyelashes.

Do you have any hobbies?
I actually love photography, which is why i got into art and design. I still shoot in film… black and white is my favorite.

How about favorite foods?
Omg, if I had to have a last meal, it would be bacon mac ‘n cheese… and a steak! And a glass of wine! Merlot.

What’s a favorite place you’ve traveled?
Ooh, I went to Europe in 2012, and I fell in love with Paris. It’s so cliche and so true. I loved seeing the charm of the old and new parts of the city. Walking through churches that had catacombs was really touching. It gave me a personal connection to a piece of history. And there are just beautiful people and art everywhere.

Do you have any pets?
My dad’s dog Buster is my baby. He’s an Australian cattle dog that’s gray and black speckled all over.

What are your go-to hair care tips?
If you’re using natural oils on hair, only use them on dry ends. Otherwise, you’ll weigh roots down and make them greasy. Think of it like combination skin, but with hair. The roots are always greasy, and the ends are always dry, so it’s about creating a balance in the way you use treatments and styling products.

I love our new prep and finishing product, TAME, instead of hair oil because it gives more of that balance. Last night, I towel dried my hair, flipped over upside down, and put TAME all over my ends. That helped me get it onto all the layered pieces more evenly.

How about advice for color-treated hair?
This is something a lot of people aren’t aware of: if hair is porous from bleach or other processing, it will always leak color. So keep wet hair away from any sheets or clothing that you don’t want stained.

Combat that effect by washing as much as possible after you’ve colored, about 3-4 times. That will take care of the color that will naturally come off after the process. I like to use a clear gloss to seal in the color and the hair cuticle. It helps keep the color in the hair longer.

You can also adjust the tone of your hair color with a semi-permanent gloss color. That will give you the benefits of locking in the color and cuticle, while also correcting if hair got too brassy or faded.

That’s great info! Last but not least, what advice can you give people who are upset about their hair?
My number one rule is to always stop and listen for as long as someone needs me to. Let the person speak and tell me what they’ve been through with no interruptions.

If someone’s really upset, it’s usually because she went through several bad processes, whether it was a salon or a drugstore box that she tried. So the more I listen, the more I can understand the whole process she went through and identify the key points that need to be addressed.

Then I give options, as many as possible. There can be quick fixes or long-term solutions that take more effort. I want everyone I speak with to know that we’re working on a plan together to give them that desired result.

At the end of the day, that’s what everyone wants: to be heard and to get the look they want. That’s why we’re here!

Thank you so much, Tasha! We’re lucky to have you helping the people who discover Madison Reed.

That's just a taste of the Color Crew experience. Reach out for a comprehensive hair consultation today and build a relationship with one of our colorists. We are passionate about giving you better, healthier options for your hair!

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