Get Balayage Highlights AND Gorgeous Hair Color (It’s Possible and Easy!)

by August 09, 2018

hair color and highlights for a great look

Image by Madison Reed

So you want to color your hair. But you also want highlights. Color or highlights? Highlights color? If you’re anything like us, you want it all, which is why we formulated Light Works™ Balayage Highlighting Kit to be completely compatible with Radiant Cream Color, so you don’t have to choose. You can get both at-home gorgeous, multi-dimensional hair color with 100% gray coverage, which is what Radiant Cream Color delivers, AND natural-looking, salon-quality balayage highlights without any gray coverage, which is what Light Works delivers. Win/win!

But how do you get both beautiful color and highlights using Light Works with Radiant Cream Color? Glad you asked, because we made a video with David Stanko, our VP of Technical Design + Education, to show you how.

Want the tl;dr? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

  1. Use Radiant Cream Color to touch up your roots as often as you normally do
  2. Every 3-4 months, use Light Works
  3. When you do that, simply touch up your roots, but don’t pull your color through your mid-lengths and ends
  4. Shampoo, then dry your hair
  5. You can apply Light Works then, or wait a few days—whatever works best for you

Talk about the best of both worlds...permanent hair color with superior gray coverage with Radiant Cream Color, plus balayage highlights with Light Works. Yes, you CAN have it all!

Learn more about balayage and balayage techniques on our in-depth balayage specifications page.