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Age is a State of Mind and Hair Color for Jackie B.

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Hair color is a personal thing, and finding one that fits your life and style is a major win! That's why Madison Reed women are so excited to share their success stories. Meet Jackie, a woman in her 60s who refuses to let her age define her.

On drugstore dyes:
The hair color I used had too many chemicals. I went gray for many months, and I thought I would cut my hair short and not color.

Discovering Madison Reed:
I learned about Madison Reed from Facebook and said, “I'll give this company a try.”

Everything was included, and I mean everything! Cap, 2 sets of gloves, cleansing wipes, barrier cream, shampoo, and conditioner. What other product does that?



It was so easy to apply, no strong odors and it washes out really easy. I live in California, so can't waste all that water trying to wash out hair dye.

Dye didn't dry my hair out and it was so easy to blow dry and style. I wanted to go lighter and I'm glad I did. I love my color (Napoli Brown).

Her radiant results:
I don't look like an old lady anymore! I'm in my 60's but I still like to go out, dress up, and rock my heels. :)

I couldn't wait to go out. The night I colored it, I told my girlfriend I just wanted to go walk around the mall so everyone could see me.

My sister loves my color and will be ordering for herself real soon.

A month after coloring:
I just washed my hair again and the color is still great! 

Thank you so much. Never going back to store bought! Feel good and going out tonight.

Getting the right hair color empowers Jackie to lead the life she wants! Now it’s your turn to get great results from healthier hair color. Build your Hair Profile or call the Color Crew, our team of certified colorists and professional stylists. They love listening to your hair history and tailoring suggestions to suit your needs. At Madison Reed, we love to help people look and feel their very best!

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