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Amela Shows How She Uses Root Touch Up

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Amela Nuhanovic is a vlogger with a passion for all things hair and beauty. She shared a video along with a gorgeous photo on Instagram of how she uses Root Touch Up. Read her interview below:

How did you learn about Madison Reed?
I watched a YouTube video and it was mentioned along with other products. I had been looking for something similar, so I was super ecstatic after watching that video! I went right away and ordered myself one, and my "hair game" has not been the same since. It was exactly what I needed and I love how easy it is to add to your morning routine without sacrificing precious time! I stand by it 100%.

What helped you decide to try Root Touch Up?
After watching the tutorial on Sephora.com I was sold! I mean, instant result? It doesn't get much better than that!

How did you decide which color to try?
I honestly just winged it and it turned out great! I went with Dark Brown but I think the Black would also work really well.

How was your experience? 
AMAZING! I fell in love instantly! I really can't tell you how much I love this Root Touch Up powder!!!!

What have you noticed?
I noticed that my hairline looks a lot neater in photos. I've also been told that my hair looks a lot thicker after applying this powder and I 100% agree.
It's great stuff!

How does this affect your life?
I just really love how it gives the illusion of a perfect hairline/thicker hair in literally minutes! I'm always on a hunt for the latest in beauty, and I genuinely feel like this is a product is designed for men & woman of all ages. I honestly can't say enough good things about it, I'm obsessed!


Thank you for taking time to share your story with us, Amela!

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