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5 Core Exercises for Stronger, Healthier Hair

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Just as core exercises are fundamental for a strong, healthy body, you can benefit greatly from a few basic updates to your hair care routine. Make these five simple changes now to set a strong foundation for gorgeous hair!

1. Deep Clean
Use a clarifying shampoo or exfoliating shampoo once a month. This will help remove buildup, cleanse your scalp, and is especially great for people who live in areas with mineral rich water. Think of this deep cleansing step as giving your strands a fresh start every month.

If your hair is color-treated, be sure to plan this around your next coloring session. Never deep clean after coloring hair because it will cause fading. A day or two before coloring would be perfect. 

It’s best to use a clarifying or exfoliating shampoo before coloring because it will prep the scalp and hair. Deep cleaning gets rid of excess oils and debris from styling products, which will give you better results for hair color.

2. Pace Yourself
Speaking of shampoos, it’s best to wait a day between regular cleansing. Every other day is better than every day. If you can go longer, I encourage it! 

Natural oils are beneficial to your strands, keeping them moisturized and offering a protective layer against daily environmental damage. Over-shampooing strips your strands of its natural oils, leaving them more dry and fragile. That leads to breakage, frizz, and hair color that fades faster.

If you are like me, and get greasy at the roots faster than you’d like, try using a dry shampoo between shampoos. This should help you get through one more day. 

If you have grays I would suggest Madison Reed’s Root Touch Up. Not only will this cover your roots and grays, but the micro-milled powder will help absorb some of those oils and grease near the scalp.

3. Deep Condition
Add a deep conditioner to your routine to revitalize your strands and leave them, soft, silky, and shiny. Pick one that’s designed specifically for your hair type.

How often you want to deep condition depends on your hair type and what shape it’s in. As a rule of thumb:
Fine hair 1-2 times a month
Medium hair 2-3 times a month
Coarse hair once a week

Trust your instincts and adjust your schedule based on how your hair feels. It should be silky, but not greasy.

Most moisturising conditioners make great deep conditioners when left on for a longer period of time. I recommend Madison Reed’s color-protecting conditioner because it nourishes hair and pulls double duty as an overnight treatment!

Just use a small amount on damp hair before bed. Tie up in a loose bun, cover with a cap to protect your pillow, and beauty sleep your way to healthier tresses.

4. Use Protection
If you use heat styling tools (curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers on high), heat protectants are a must. Everyday heat exposure without protection will take its toll and weaken your hair, leading to breakage.

Even if you don’t use heat to style your hair, daily exposure to UV rays will cause color fading and damage. Look for styling products that protect your hair for an easy way to prevent damage without even thinking about it!

Use Madison Reed’s Style on damp hair. Proceed to dry and style as you please. This lightweight styling cream hydrates hair, offers hold, and eliminates frizz. Most importantly, it adds a layer of UV and heat protection to keep your strands strong and healthy.

5. De-Stress Your Tresses
We don’t want to add any more stress to our strands then necessary, so brush properly and gently. Start by using the right brush for the job. 

Wide tooth combs are great for most textures and for detangling wet hair. Start down near your ends and work your way up in small sections. Comb through in small gentle strokes. If you encounter any knots, slow down and comb it out a little at a time. This will minimize breakage while giving you smooth strands to air dry or style.

Brushes, with softer bristles, are great for styling and distributing your hair’s natural oils. Start at the crown of your head to work those natural oils down your hair shaft, allowing them to help protect and add natural shine. 

The best way to get great results is to choose the right hairbrush or comb for your hair type, and maintain them with regular cleaning. I promise, it won’t take you that long and will save you time and money!

Set the stage for gorgeous hair with healthier hair color! Build your Hair Profile or call the Color Crew, our team of certified colorists and stylists, at 1.888.550.9586 for a free professional consultation. You’ll look great and feel great about how you got the look!

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