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5 Star Video Review by Bubby's Mommy

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Image by Madison Reed

Madison Reed Review Series

Dora, known to her readers as Bubby’s Mommy, documented her first Madison Reed experience with a video review, before & after pictures, and a great write-up of her results.

Watch Dora’s video to see how she liked Madison Reed from beginning to end. You can also read her full review at Bubby’s Mommy’s Blog & Reviews:

“Of all the hair dyes, in all the world, I have yet to come across a company like Madison Reed and their fantastic line of hair-dying systems for at home use. I have been dying my hair since I was 13 or 14 years old and I have always had issues whether it was coverage, tone, or just dealing with the awful smell of ammonia filled dyes and bleaches. This is the first time in all of the almost 20 years that I have not choked on the smell, or been covered in dye all the way down my neck!”

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