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Brilliant Women: Rock Climber Charmaine Madamba

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Image by Clinton Steeds, via Creative Commons

We’re shining a spotlight on phenomenal women who are making it happen in their lives, at home, and in their careers.

Charmaine Madamba

Senior Marketing Manager at Citrix Systems, Inc.
Hometown: Born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Currently residing in beautiful San Francisco, CA
Hair Color: Perugia Black 2NAA

Most people when confronted with a wall see an obstacle, Charmaine climbs and scales them for fun. Before she developed her enviable upper body strength and  go-getter attitude, Charmaine made the brave move of leaving her home in the Philippines to attend college in the US. It’s her courage we admire most. Her perfect day starts well and ends well, but in her book, it’s the lessons learned from challenges that make the day satisfying. Next semester, she’ll be at MIT earning her MBA.



Favorite Movie: Kill Bill, Volumes 1 and 2

Favorite Music: Indie Rock, Ambient, Acoustic Guitar

Favorite Author: Haruki Murakami

Inspiring Museum: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Favorite Journey/Place: No doubt: Home (Manila). Croatia and Alaska have also been very memorable.

Favorite Food: Love most cuisines, but I regularly crave my mom’s lengua estofado. Kale is my default leafy vegetable.

Favorite Drink: Non-alcoholic: Maine Root Ginger Beer.  Alcoholic: Dark and Stormy (preferably made with Maine Root Ginger Beer). Otherwise, scotch never fails.

Favorite Designer: All Saints, and Selina Vaughn for beautiful handmade vintage handbags


Hair-styling Trick: Surf Hair by Garnier, or Sachajuan Ocean Mist. Both work wonders in giving hair that after-beach texture.

Swear-by Beauty Habit: Moisturizer, day and night.

Morning Routine: Wake up. Hit snooze. Actually get out of bed. Be grateful.

Beauty Mantra: Drink water. Lots of it.

Tip from Mom: No matter how far you get in life, no matter what you achieve – never forget your roots.

Signature Scent: Issey Miyake

Favorite Lip Shade: Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment, Honey

Favorite Mascara: Benefit “They’re Real!” Mascara

Favorite Nail Polish Color: A glossy shade of dark teal from OPI called “Cuckoo for this Color”

Beauty Traveling Tip: Try to stay regular with sleep and don’t skip out on a workout opportunity. And bring bright scarves to get a pop of color on any travel outfit.

Favorite Antiaging Product: SkinCeuticals Retexturizing Activator

Always in Your Beauty Bag: Mints and minty lip gloss


Perfect Day: One with a perfect mix of planned typical situations, a mix of non-dramatic unexpected twists, some good wins and lessons learned… a day that started with a good cup of coffee and will end with a splendid glass of wine.

Instant Mood Lifter: A good run or a satisfying climb

R&R: Shiatsu massage.

Most Recent Milestone: Admission to the MIT MBA program

A Good Habit: Enjoying food as much as I can, but being cognizant of a balanced diet.

A Bad Habit You’re Trying to Kick: Checking email first thing in the morning (like while still in bed).

Best Career Advice: Know your numbers well, understand the data, and tell their story in the most compelling way possible.

Your Greatest Achievement: Moving miles away from home (Philippines) to go to university in the US… and learning so much more than what classrooms were able to offer.

Words to live by: Be humble, stay grounded, and strive to stay inspired.

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