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Brilliant Women: Love With Food Founder Aihui Ong

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Every month, Madison Reed spotlights phenomenal women who are changing the world by changing the way they work and live. Let’s celebrate their accomplishments together as a community!

Love With Food Founder Aihui Ong

For December, the month of sharing, we’re introducing you to Aihui Ong, founder of Love With Food.  In addition to delivering scrumptious organic and all-natural snacks, Aihui’s company donates a meal for every snack box sold to help end child hunger in America. What a wonderful way to give that is truly rewarding! Let’s meet the woman who started it all, and keep reading for an exclusive offer to Madison Reed fans.

When did you start Love With Food?

We launched in early 2012.

Have you always been this passionate about food, or did it develop with time?

Food and technology are my two biggest passions. Love With Food is the ideal solution to marry both my passions.

How do you see your business making a difference in people’s lives?

We help consumers discover junk-free snacks and help fight childhood hunger in America. We only feature the best and healthier alternatives. All of our snacks are hand-picked to be natural, organic, or gluten-free. They are all free of high fructose corn syrup, trans fasts, hydrogenated oil, artificial flavoring, and artificial coloring.

For every box sent, a meal is donated to feed hungry children in America. To date, we’ve donated more than 300,000 meals.

Love With Food

Have people shared stories about how you’ve inspired them?

Yes, we love when people share their stories! One of our customers repurposed Love With Food boxes by putting toiletries and food in them and bringing to their local homeless shelters.

You overcame personal challenges to start this company. What enabled you to gain perspective?

Helping my friend who was battling breast cancer gave me lots of perspective. At the end of the day, being healthy is the most important. Everything else is secondary.

And once you gained perspective, what empowered you to finally make the big decision to change your life?

I wanted to work on something I’m truly passionate about and on my bucket list, one of the unchecked items was “start my own business.”

What has given you confidence or encouraged you throughout this process?

Once I set my mind on something, I’ll just do it, no matter how scary it might be.

What keeps you feeling positive and pushing forward now?

Starting and running a business is hard. I’m thankful everyday that I’m healthy because I’m ready to battle all challenges coming my way!

What’s the most recent thing that made you smile or laugh out loud?

I was away on a business trip on my birthday. A surprise box of chocolate arrived at my hotel room on my birthday. It was a sweet surprise from my team at Love With Food.

What makes you feel beautiful?

Being myself and true to myself. It gives me the confidence to navigate in a predominately male startup tech world.

Do you have secret tricks to look polished when short on time?

My simple 1-minute makeup routine: minerals foundation, mascara, and lipgloss… and I’m ready to conquer the world!

Any beauty or hair products that you swear by? Why?

I love to swim. After each swim, I use Ultra Swim Chlorine Removal Shampoo to protect my hair.

Any beauty or hair care routines that you swear by? What do they do?

Always remove makeup before going to bed. I’ll use a facial wipe and a facial cleanser to make sure my face is perfectly cleansed before going to bed.

You’ve traveled a lot. What are your tips for beauty on the go?

I have dry skin, and traveling makes it worse. I always travel with all sorts of moisturizers, like a hand cream and a body cream. Sleep is the key ingredient to beauty. I always have eyeshades and ear plugs to help me sleep better in a new place.

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