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Brilliant Women: Gloria Natalia Builds Beauty From Within

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Brilliant Women: Gloria Natalia Builds Beauty From Within

Gloria Natalia is an international beauty expert who has worked and trained with Vidal Sassoon. As the bilingual editor and beauty representative for Revlon Professionals, Paul Mitchell, and Wella, Gloria has built a career on making hair and beauty accessible to women with diverse backgrounds.

What drew you to the hair and beauty industry?
I have always wanted to help women look and feel their best. There was a lot of opportunity to reach the Hispanic market. I wanted to help women learn and give them materials in the language of their choice.

It was very exciting to travel and to bring beauty brands into the Hispanic market by creating bilingual materials.

When did you know there was an opportunity with the Hispanic community?
I was teaching classes onstage and saw that people in the audience were asking each other, “What’s she saying?” So I asked them, “What language do you want?”

The women were there to learn, and I wanted to teach them in the language that would help them the most. After that, I started teaching in both English and Spanish.


Now you have a private consulting service for beauty, hair, and fashion. What do you focus on when you start teaching a new client?
It’s really wonderful when clients come in for an evaluation. They discuss what kind of work they do, take a personality test, and get color analysis for skin tone. Then we talk about the types of haircuts and styles that I recommend for their face shape, and the best hair color for their overall tonality and color scheme.

Every woman has a combination of elegant, dramatic, or other qualities that affect the type of clothing and makeup she should wear. When I understand that from a complete evaluation, I recommend a completely personalized look for her. Everyone is beautiful, it’s just a matter of knowing how to put yourself together.

What’s important for you to convey?
So many women come to see me who feel a little insecure because they’re getting older. I like to tell them that getting older is out of our control, but aging is optional.

People have a set of ideas that they have from their past and from the culture around us. You have to protect yourself from the idea that getting old stops you from doing things.

I believe that looking your best comes from taking care of yourself and taking care of your soul. You project your beauty from the inside. This is true at any age.

How did you hear about Madison Reed?
I am always searching for products that are healthier and better for women to use. I want to recommend products that my clients can use on their own.

I read about Madison Reed and thought, “This is really a neat concept!” I tried the hair gloss—in Canella and Clear— on my husband and clients with some white hair and was really impressed. The results were very, very amazing. My clients hair turned out shiny and very full. I just put it on my hand and use it as a color gel so bright white hair blends better.

What’s the most recent thing that made you smile or laugh out loud?
My client Susan told me that she needed to get Gloria-fied by Gloria! My miniature horses also put a smile on my face!

What makes you feel beautiful?
That I have learned how to cope with stress. That gives me a glow even when I’m not wearing makeup. I have a pleasant look that I don’t think I had when I was younger, because I was so preoccupied back then.

I still remember when someone asked me, “What are you so mad about?” I didn’t even realize I was giving off that attitude. I wasn’t living in the moment, and I was always thinking about other things.

Learn to stay in the moment. That makes you aware and gives you the knowledge to make the right decisions. I truly believe everybone should do that. Whatever the moment brings, live in the moment and act from your heart.

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