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Allergic to Hair Color? Look at Resorcinol

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Image by Madison Reed

We’ll lead with the good news. Madison Reed is Resorcinol-Free.

The bad news, resorcinol is an inexpensive coloring agent that’s found in three out of four hair-dye products. If you’ve ever had an allergic reaction from a coloring session, resorcinol (or a PPD) was most likely the culprit. Easily absorbed into the skin, corrosive, and often referred to as the paraben of haircare, resorcinol has been deemed by the World Health Organization as an endocrine disruptor. It can cause hormone imbalances, mess with your body’s functions, and cause fertility complications. Pregnant women should steer clear. If that isn’t alarming enough, resorcinol is not regulated and cosmetic companies can use it at will. You’ll often find it in anti-acne skincare and whitening creams as well as hair dye.

There’s more damning evidence on Environmental Working Group’s website, where resorcinol ranks high as an overall hazardous ingredient. The consumer watchdog site, which maintains a database of ingredients based on their safety, pegs it as a carcinogen and a chemical that can irritate skin, eyes, and lungs.

Synonyms of the offending ingredient include 1,3-benzenediol, hydroqinone, oxidation base 31, 3-hydroxyphenol, and m-phenylenediol. It’s up to the consumer to read the label. Or, you could just switch to Madison Reed, and have one less thing to worry about.

If you’ve been following this blog, you might have noticed that while we have taken out the bad stuff (see our posts on being sulfate-free and ppd-free), we’ve  enriched our formulas to boost shine, fullness, and manageability. Read more about our good-for-you ingredients, including ginseng, keratin, argan oil, and UV-shielding lupine flower.

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