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Sharing a Sweet Surprise: Amy's Story

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Madison Reed is empowering everyone to change the world through Acts of Love, big and small. As part of this movement, we’ve been sending golden envelopes to randomly selected customers. 

What’s in the envelopes? A surprise gift to use however they want. Turns out a lot of people want to help others. We recently heard from Amy, a Madison Reed client, who wanted to share the story of what she did with her gift of two $50 bills.

In Amy’s words:
I felt it important to spread the "give a little" concept, so today I gave it to the homeless shelter in Columbus. They have people who collect money downtown where I work and typically get donations of $1-5 by passersby. When I handed one of their people the money... they said "Wow, wow! Thank you!"

So, thank you for seeding the concept of giving... I added a little to the pot as well. Also, I love your products. I get so many compliments and tell people what product I use (hopefully some of them will start ditching the salon and convert to your products). Thanks again.

Hopefully it will spark others to be generous. I love the spirit of what you are doing.

Amy, we're so moved by your thoughtfulness and thankful to be part of your act of love. Thank you for sharing your story!

Read more stories, get inspired, and share your own Acts of Love today. Together, we can change the world.

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