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A Love Letter from "This Is the Beauty Bar"

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Image by Madison Reed

When we get a review as wonderful as this one from “This Is the Beauty Bar” blog, it gets the whole office smiling. So of course we had to share!

Here are some of the highlights:

“Madison Reed offers a truly fragrantly brilliant experience.”

“Frickin’ botanical gardens literally erupted in my bathroom from the moment I removed the outer container! Seriously. The smell was amazing. I even applied the dye slower so I could keep smelling it.”

“The bottle of developer/application is tall and here I was thinking the entire time that it was purely cosmetic. You know, fancy-schmancy. Elongated neck, pearly iridescence. Whatever! It’s fancy for a reason! You get SO MUCH product!!”

“Some dyes are just so pasty and thick that getting the product thru the nozzle of the squeeze bottle is a workout-and-a-half… Madison Reed must have felt the same way. There is nothing exhaustive here! The consistency even makes for an added assurance that you are covering every bit of hair with color…it’s extremely user-friendly. THUMBS UP!!”

“Madison Reed has gone the extra mile to make you feel like a VIP salon client. Shampoos and conditioners come neatly stowed in small bottles that are easy on the hands to get your desired amount of product out on a palm for application. I saw this and was smitten.  Forget it. I’m marrying Madison Reed.”

“Based on my preferences and survey selections at sign-up, my custom color was “Positano Black”, a black hue with hints of deep cool brown. I absolutely LOVE this color!”

Read the whole fabulous review.



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