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7 Tips for Repairing Summer-Damaged Hair

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Sunny days lounging by the pool, exploring the great outdoors, and traveling far and wide – all the summer excitement has been harsh on your hair. Here are a few tips to get it back in shape.

How to repair and prevent sun damaged hair

  1. Turn Down the Heat
    Your locks have been suffering the heat all summer long. Give them a break by using a cooler hair dryer setting for a bit while your hair recuperates.
  2. Stash the Irons
    Try out some of our Five-Minute Hairstyles for Every Hair Type that don’t require a flat or curling iron. Your hair will thank you, and you might find a look you like even better.
  3. Get a Trim
    After all the sun, wind, and chlorine it’s a wonder you have any nutrients left in your hair – and the result is split-ends and frizz. Getting a little trim is an easy way to start fresh for the summer.
  4. Avoid Alcohol
    …in your hair products that is. If you’re hair is already feeling dry and dehydrated, using styling products that have alcohol in them, like gel, will make your hair even more brittle.
  5. Get a Good Brush
    Use a boar bristle brush to brush your hair thoroughly at least once a day. This will help distribute your hair’s natural oils throughout your tresses and help your hair heal any damage on its own.
  6. Do Some Deep Conditioning
    It can be as easy as leaving a deep conditioner in instead of rinsing it out or trying out a new hair masque. Either way, your hair needs this like a cool drink of water on the hottest summer day.
  7. Use a Healthy Hair Color
    Looking to change your hair color for the summer? A lot of permanent hair color formulas contain ammonia, resorcinol, PPDs and alcohol, all of which can damage your hair far beyond what its already been through this summer. Give your hair a nutrient boost instead with Madison Reed hair color. We don’t use any of those chemicals! Instead we pack our salon-quality formula with naturally-derived ingredients like argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root extract for vibrant, long-lasting color in your favorite summer shades.
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