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5 Valentine’s Day Hair Looks to Swoon For

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February is the month of love, so whether you’re spending it with friends, with your significant other, or with someone new and special, show off an easy and romantic look with these 5 Valentine’s Day hairstyles to make them swoon all day and all night.

Romantic Hairstyles for Valentine's Day

Rolled Braid Updo

(img source: TheWonderForest)

This is a slight play on the milkwoman braid, but is styled lower along the base of the neck. This gorgeous updo is easy to recreate, especially if you have short hair, and it adds elegance to your look by framing your face and keeping your hair up.

Get the look: Split your hair into two parts (you can even do a side part) and braid your hair down toward your neck on both ends. Tie them with a light elastic, and tuck them both in toward each other. Use some bobby pins to keep in place, with a few extra on either side of the head to make sure the braid doesn’t fall. Spritz with hair spray to seal it all in.

Tip: leave a few small strands around the face to make it look a little undone for an even more romantic look.

Hair type: This look works best with straight, wavy, and curly hair.

Natural Curls

(img source: Herinterest)

Sometimes the most natural look is the most beautiful. Let your curls free and give yourself a feminine and soft look for the big night. If you already have a pixie cut, it will be easy for you to style, but this works for bobs and shoulder-length hair as well.

Get the look: To achieve this look, simply scrunch and apply mousse to hair while it’s still wet, and use a diffuser to lock in those curls. Style some curls around your face, and feel free you can cheat a bit by twisting individual curls or using a curling iron. Put some shine spray and hair spray to keep your hair in place (Who knows? You might end up going dancing).

Tip: Add a pea-sized amount of leave-in conditioner as an alternative to mousse. It gives your curls the right shape without making them too molded.

Hair type: This look works best with curly and coily hair types.

Floral Accent


A little floral touch never hurt anyone. Flowers are the epitome of fresh beauty, and this ethereal look will give you the perfect romantic touch to the day (or night). You can stop by the flower market after work and pick out a few key pieces, or you can purchase a tiny bouquet of fake flowers (they don’t wilt) to put in your hair.

Get the look: Simply curl the ends of your hair and pin it up in a loose chignon. Let some strands free, and curl them just enough to frame your face. Then add a floral accent on the side of your hair (right behind the ear is always nice).

Tip: Get some bobby pins that match your hair color — this will work best to camouflage any hair mistakes you might have made, and will also secure your floral piece to your hair.

Hair type: This look works best for straight and wavy hair types.

Loose Curls


Many of us are at our most beautiful when we let our hair down. Big flowy curls give you the appearance of a gorgeous mane. Plus, you have a chance to add more volume to your crown for a thicker appearance.

Get the look: Use a 1 – 2 inch curling iron barrel to curl your strands from the middle section of your hair all the way to the bottom. You can start off with tighter curls, then comb them out with your fingers, or do a lower heat setting and let them start out loose. We recommend the tight curls first, because your hair will loosen up naturally through the day.

Tip: Focus on the ends of your hair when curling, because this is what gives you the most gentle yet feminine look.

Hair type: This look works best with straight, wavy, and curly hair.

Low Bun with Side Sweep

(img source: stylecraze)

Low buns are classy and easy to maintain throughout the night (especially when you wear a backless dress with it). Show off the nape of your neck with this elegant style that will catch everyone’s eye.

Get the look: Simply part your hair in two with a deep side sweep, and twist gently into a low bun. Make sure to look at the back of your head with a mirror, so that your hair is all tucked into a neat bun. Add bobby pins, some hair spray, and a little bit of gloss on the side of your hair for a sophisticated finish.

Tip: Bobby pins are your best friend — don’t be afraid to use more than a few to give you a clean hair tuck. Precision of the bun is key with this look, so don’t be shy with the pins.

Hair Type: This look works best with all hair types: straight, wavy, curly and coily.

Will you be recreating any of these looks for Valentine’s Day? Share your favorites with us and if you create it, share some tips and tricks on our Facebook page!

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