5 Tips for Thicker Looking Hair

by October 07, 2014

5 Tips for Thicker Looking Hair

Image by Madison Reed

Want your hair to look bouncy and full of body? Look no further. Thicker looking hair can be yours with these simple tips and tricks.

5 Tips for Thicker Looking Hair

5 Tips for Thicker Hair

  1. Start in the shower:

    After washing your hair with shampoo, try only conditioning the ends of your hair. Conditioner can weigh your roots down, taking away your glorious volume.

  2. Get the moisture out:

    Make sure hair is almost dry when you start your blowout. Use a terry cloth towel to make sure that all moisture is out of hair. That water is taking up valuable space that you could be using with heat protectant or volumizing product.

  3. Product:

    Using the right product can really give you lift and volume. Just make sure not to use too much, as it will make your hair heavy and weigh it down. Follow the directions on the product you are using, in this case more doesn't mean bigger.

  4. Over direction is key:

    When blow drying, try flipping your head over to blast from both ways, this gets your hair to go generally in the other direction that it is used to going, giving you more lift. Try hot rollers as the lift and extend the hair. Also try using a smaller round brush at the root to lift hair up. Don't forget the cool shot button this helps to set the style.

  5. The right color can give you depth:

    The right color is key, the right multi-tonal color, like those crafted by Madison Reed, can make hair pop and appear even fuller.

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