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5 Secret Anti-Aging Tips for Shiny, Bouncy Hair

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Forget designer creams. We have a better youth potion. It's hair color - and the results are nearly instantaneous. No down time. No needles. In 45 minutes (or less), the right shade of blonde, brunette, or red will take your complexion from wane to wow. Like a holiday tan, you'll look less tired and years younger, even without makeup. You'll also find hair feels fuller, because hair color expands the hair shaft, increasing volume and thickness. It's a total win, win.

For more anti-aging techniques, our resident hair expert Susan Roberts-Cooper gives us the tip off.

5 Secret Anti-Aging Tips for Shiny, Bouncy Hair

  1. Go Darker at the Roots

    If you're thinning at the crown, you can create the look of density by going slightly darker at the roots. The thinking goes “the lighter the hair the more transparent it will look,” explains Susan. “It's possible to make hair look thicker by coloring roots first. When using Madison Reed, this means leaving color on the roots for 35 minutes. Hit the ends after, by adding some water and massaging color down. Susan recommends leaving color on the ends for five to ten minutes.  Adding water means that hair won't absorb color too quickly and ensures that ends will stay a little lighter.

  2. Condition Every Time

    Dull hair can age you, so maintaining shine is crucial. In a word, condition! “Use conditioner every time you shampoo. It will serve both to replace lost moisture and prevent further moisture being lost from styling and environmental factors.”

  3. Be Gentle

    Avoid over-styling, which can drag down hair and make it lose bounce, a sign of youthful hair. The worst culprits are lightening and relaxing. These processes weaken hair's internal structure. For hair color, opt for the gentlest way possible – using an ammonia-free color. Our pick, you know it, is us! Madison Reed's formula is gentle and fortified with proteins.

  4. Match Your Skin Tone

    Susan also adds a note on zeroing in on the right color. “For hair to look youthful, it can't be too light or too dark, and should be in the same color family as your skin tone,” advises Susan. “Warm skin tones will suit gold and copper and lighter mahogany tones. Cooler skin tones will suit darker mahogany tones and cool minky beige tones. Go lighter as you get older, but make sure hair doesn't get too light. It's a good idea to reassess every 18 months or so by looking at photos of yourself.”

  5. Keep it Natural

    Related to the previous tip, “Color should be in the realm of nature,” says Susan. Leave Manic Panic to the kids. Your shade should be soft, which is how Susan with her colorist palette, developed Madison Reeds' flattering colors.


By: Cheryl Locke

Image courtesy of www.goodhousekeeping.com

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