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4 Tips for Rescuing Wind-Damaged Hair

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The breeze rustling through the trees is a lovely thing. The wind rustling through your hair, however, is quite another. Here are our top tips for keeping those tresses healthy and untangled even during the gustiest of days.

  1. Keep that hair moisturized.

    Your hair is getting the beat down during the winter with the elements, central heating, and holiday styling. You can skip shampooing... go to every other day to keep moisture in your hair, but don't skimp on the conditioner.

  2. Try a wrap under that helmet.

    When the wind is running wild through your hair the cuticle is getting roughed up, resulting in frizzy, damaged-looking hair. Make sure that when you are on a motorcycle or bicycle you are protecting your head AND your hair. Always wear a helmet, but try a scarf underneath to cover hair up. Put hair in a ponytail or bun to keep it from flying  around, or put your ends in your shirt or jacket.

  3. Use a Leave-in Conditioner on those ends.

    When it is windy the last place you want your hair is whipping around your face. This is an excellent time to condition your ends with a leave-in conditioner and put hair back in a low or high bun and reap the benefits of this conditioning treatment.

  4. Clips and bobby pins

    Why not try a crafted up-do or whimsical twists as a new style. Experiment with your hair. Use bobby pins and clips  to put hair up and out of the way. When your hair is securely back and twisted up you don’t have to worry about the wind roughing it up and making it out of control.


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