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7 New Trends For 2015: Every Hair Type

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New year, new hair, new you. Whether you’re planning on growing your locks out long this year, or opting for an eye-catching chop, it’s time to put aside old habits and make room for something fresh. Madison Reed has 7 new trends for you to take on for 2015!


Gorgeous, carefree, and feminine, this trend has been shown on the spring/summer 2015 runway (by fashion labels like Chloe and Marchesa). This style suits all face shapes, and is perfect for medium to long hair that is straight and wavy.

boho waves

Image via Harper’s Bazaar

How to get it: The cut that works best with this style is extra long layers, or same-length hair past your shoulders.

How to style it: Comb your hair out with a wide-tooth comb, lightly spritz it with a flexible hold hair spray, then comb out again. Warm a one-inch barrel curling iron to medium heat and curl each strand out from your face. Then, comb your hair out one more time and finish with a strong-hold hair spray.



When you don’t have much time to take care of your tresses (but still want to look trendy), this is the perfect style for you. This style is also ideal for helping hair look thicker. It’s a fresh youthful look that is easy to achieve, and gives your hair plenty of movement without the weight.

image: PoPular Haircuts

Image via PoPular Haircuts

How to get it: This haircut is flattering for straight, wavy, and curly hair types. Ask your stylist for a blunt cut just past the shoulders.

How to style it: A great way to show off this look is with ever-so-slightly curled ends. To achieve this, heat up your straightening iron and flat iron curl away from your face (especially the pieces that are closest to your cheeks). Repeat throughout and spritz some hair spray at the ends.



Got a great jawline? Flaunt it. There’s no better way to show off your bone structure than getting an extra short cut. This look is both edgy and classic, because flattering your face never goes out of style.

image: Newest Hairstyles

Image via Newest Hairstyles

How to get it: The more pictures you bring in to your stylist, the better. Search Pinterest for the perfect pixie cuts to achieve the look you want and tell your stylist which features you’d like to highlight with this haircut.

How to style it: Just rub a tiny bit of hair wax in your hands, and hand-style little pieces going in the same direction. If you like, direct a blowdryer on lowest setting to add a hint of volume to the ends.



A major trendsetter, Solange Knowles shows us the beauty of going au naturale with her hair. This is the latest addition to the bevvy of beautiful ways you can style coily hair. The volume of this type of hair adds high drama when it’s swept to the side.

image: Who What Wear

Image via Who What Wear

How to get it: The key here is to grow your hair out. The longer your hair, the more prominent the side sweep will be.

How to style it: If you want your hair to fall to the side, you’ll want to make it soft enough to do so. Use a deep conditioner at least once a week to keep your ends from fraying, and your locks shiny.



There came the bob, then the lob (the longer bob), then the wavy lob. Ever-so-stylish Taylor Swift helped propel the popularity of this look, but it’s about more than fashion. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and even easier on the eyes! It works best with straight, wavy, and curly hair.

image: Pop Sugar

Image via Pop Sugar

How to get it: The cut is blunt and about two inches above the shoulders (like the bob). Add some bangs (like Taylor) for some extra va-va-voom.

How to style it: Simply use a two-inch curling iron and curl large sections of hair both away and toward the face (to give it a more wavy, beachy look). Lock up the style with some flexible hold hair spray.



As a fall 2014 trend, the low ponytail is advancing into 2015 with us. We clearly couldn’t get enough of this low-maintenance style that works best for medium to long hair. You can wear it sleek and straight, curled and teased, or add a fishtail braid at the base to add visual interest for special events.

image: A Beautiful Mess

Image via A Beautiful Mess

How to get it: Keep your hair and layers as long as you can for this look. Bangs or face-framing strands also look great with this style.

How to style it: Make a ponytail and leave two sections of hair loose, one on each side. Going back and forth between the two loose sections, take small strands, and pin them above your ponytail. Work your way up from the ponytail until you’ve pinned all the loose hair. Tuck the ends of your pinned pieces under the ponytail holder.



This easy, gorgeous style is perfect for a women on the go. It has a blend of edgy style and glamour that is universally flattering for all face shapes and hair types. Best of all, it can take less than 10 minutes to style before you’re out the door.

image: Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

How to get it: Ask your hairdresser for a tapered haircut and provide images of women with the style you want to show exactly what kind of taper you have in mind. Make sure to clarify how long you want your hair on top (that’s up to you). The longer the top, the edgier the look!

How to style it: For straight, wavy, and curly hair, a light touch of hair wax and spray will do the trick (especially on the tapered ends). If you have coily hair, opt for a nourishing leave-in conditioner. You can curl each piece to give it the perfect coil.


2015 is all about revealing a new side to your style. Change up your look this year by refreshing your haircut or adding vibrant color. Find any of these looks flattering for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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